Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Jasmine

Her name is Jasmine, a cute shi-tzu puppy that we came to love. I brought her home two months ago and everyone started being crazy about her. She is so sweet and like to be cuddled much. She enjoys being with people and can be on anybody's lap for hours.

I remember our first trip together. I put her inside the bag and she liked it. After about 5 minutes though she started making crying sounds that was heard by other motorists. I was riding my bike then and all eyes were on me. I felt i was guilty of kidnapping. It was embarrassing. I just smiled.

When we arrived home i noticed that her head was protruding. She definitely wants to be out and see her new abode. When everyone in the house met her, they fell in love with her easily. I put her out and her tail started wagging. She then licked my fingers and the bond between us was strengthen. They say that love cannot happen overnight - that it needs time to mature and grow. I beg to disagree, though. Before, i didn't believe in love at first sight junkie. But things change. People change. Now, i support it 100%.
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