Monday, September 12, 2011

Whiskers and all

Whiskers are important to animals just as skin to humans. Well, not necessarily the same purpose but dogs specifically use their whiskers for sensory reasons. At least humans have high intelligence and can make use of other senses not just skin alone to feel something.

Shi-tzu is one of the breeds which has long whiskers. Perhaps they feel fortunate because they have it long but not for owners especially for grooming purposes (lol). After eating, their whiskers matt so it is imperative to brush them. They also have a rather weird smell once food smudges dried up.

So here is Jasmine, kinda scared with unusual movements every time her whiskers are touched. But i have to brush them. Otherwise, she looks "um, whatever".  So there you go. Brush their whiskers every time especially after their meal.

Nothing more to say. CIAO!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silent Attack (Shi-tzu Vs. Bear)

Apart from her pink ball, the bear you see on these photos and also on the video below is a bear that Jasmine cannot play without especially before bedtime. It's her first toy and her attachment to it is so strong that even while sleeping it lies next to her.

It is so much fun watching her and her bear wrestle anywhere at home. Her bear already received a lot of bite marks and still receives more everyday. Sometimes i wonder, what if the bear is real? Of course she has no match for it, size wise. Bears are bigger and stronger, anyway. But what if it happens?

Haha! I may get hate comments from animal rights activists or other related groups with that thinking lol. But hey, it was just a thought, okay?

Here's a short clip of Jasmine's attack!

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