Monday, December 19, 2011

Jasmine and Jasper

A cold and freezing morning it was when me and my friends decided to shoot the streets of Phitsanulok. While adjusting my camera's setting, two little, cute poodle puppies who were sleeping inside a bird cage caught my eye. They were just too adorable and so cute. I admit it was love at first sight.

Since Jasmine's a female dog, i thought of having the male toy poodle puppy around. Not that i want them to mate since shi-poo (cross breed of shi-tzu and poodle) is not really a likeable breed for me. It's just that i want her to have company while we are out. When i lift him up and i uttered sounds we usually do in front of a human baby,  his little tail wagged violently. I called Joyie and asked her if she would allow to have another puppy at home. She was kind of hesitant the first time while talking on the phone. But when i picked her up so she could see the dog, she smiled and said "yes". 

So here is my precious Jasmine and the cute little toy poodle we named Jasper. She ignored him during his first two days. But now? Hmmm, they're inseprable. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

I "Jaz" Miss You!

I left Jasmine for a month and a week or so to my friend so i could prepare everything for the wedding without any hassles. And of course, i don't fancy going through all the paperworks and sure, lots of phone calls to airline agents if my dog can go with me. Time is of the esscence! After all, a month or so is not forever. I was not sure though if it was for her. 

I called my friend if she can pick up Jasmine at exactly 2pm as i need to go to the immigration to get a re-entry permit.  It was such a pain seeing her go whilst staring at me. Her eyes were like watery, or so i thought. She might be happy too, who knows!

When i came back i immediately called Ms. Buay, my friend, if i can get Jasmine back. She said to wait for not more than an hour and she will ask someone to drive Jasmine back to me. It was one of the happiest moments in my life as i terribly missed her. Look at her - a full grown lady she is now!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Whiskers and all

Whiskers are important to animals just as skin to humans. Well, not necessarily the same purpose but dogs specifically use their whiskers for sensory reasons. At least humans have high intelligence and can make use of other senses not just skin alone to feel something.

Shi-tzu is one of the breeds which has long whiskers. Perhaps they feel fortunate because they have it long but not for owners especially for grooming purposes (lol). After eating, their whiskers matt so it is imperative to brush them. They also have a rather weird smell once food smudges dried up.

So here is Jasmine, kinda scared with unusual movements every time her whiskers are touched. But i have to brush them. Otherwise, she looks "um, whatever".  So there you go. Brush their whiskers every time especially after their meal.

Nothing more to say. CIAO!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silent Attack (Shi-tzu Vs. Bear)

Apart from her pink ball, the bear you see on these photos and also on the video below is a bear that Jasmine cannot play without especially before bedtime. It's her first toy and her attachment to it is so strong that even while sleeping it lies next to her.

It is so much fun watching her and her bear wrestle anywhere at home. Her bear already received a lot of bite marks and still receives more everyday. Sometimes i wonder, what if the bear is real? Of course she has no match for it, size wise. Bears are bigger and stronger, anyway. But what if it happens?

Haha! I may get hate comments from animal rights activists or other related groups with that thinking lol. But hey, it was just a thought, okay?

Here's a short clip of Jasmine's attack!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jasmine and her Pink Ball

Jasmine likes to bite anything that is tempting to be bitten. Actually, even our hands and feet cannot escape her sharp pointed canine. It hurts and commanding her to "STOP" needs to be said. Otherwise, she will continue biting like there is no tomorrow. However, there are times when the NO means like a YES to her still. Such a stubborn, hardheaded little puppy, eh!

I bought a pink ball when she arrived after I searched the web and found out that balls like that promote clean and strong teeth. It can also be a means of escape from her biting. At least she will be preoccupied by the glowing color of the ball lol.

Check out her short clip biting the ball.

sorry for the background noise

I think balls or something that they can bite and play along, is very important for these pets. I noticed that if we are busy and cannot attend to her poking and biting thingie, she drowns herself by playing alone with her pink ball.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stay as Beautiful as YOU are!

Jasmine had her second trip away from downtown Phitsanulok that took us almost half an hour when we visited Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park . We left around eight in the morning and Jasmine was fresh as a blooming flower having bathed the night before.

When we arrived at the park the cool breeze greeted us. But since it rained hours before we left - the road was wet. I was battling with the idea of letting Jasmine stay on the van or let her walk with us. I pretended to ignore her when i got off the van but she started barking. What does that mean? She doesn't want to be left alone - simple as that!

Ok, fine! I put her down and she started exploring the park. She had her shoes on but she was walking and running even to places where water seemed to have been stuck for like forever. Check out her photos! The top photo was before we left the city and the bottom one was when we arrived minutes later.

Making her look beautiful was hard but letting herself look like stray dog happened in seconds.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thousands of people across the globe are uploading their lying face down photos online in unusual or odd places. This "lying face down" activity known also as "Planking", is sweeping the cyber-world especially facebook. I have seen some of my cousins who uploaded their photos online so as other famous personalities here and abroad. 

Call it stupidity, call it pointless but the odder the location is - the better. Surprising it is to see  photographs of people who tried balancing themselves on branches, in front of tanks, using two bollards, and even on top of cigarette machines. Their balancing prowess? EPIC!!

Planking? nah, she was too tired!
Fortunately, this is not a human only activity. Animals particularly dogs are also into that game. Jasmin joined the game 2 weeks ago (i apologize for the late posting). She didn't lie with her face down though (grrr, i am having difficulty training her), but good thing she planked. And that is all that matters!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Bed

Two weeks ago, just before Jasmine had her first grooming experience, we bought a bed for her. The shop has several collections of dog beds ranging from different colors that are pleasing to the eyes. What we bought for her was the blue colored bed with giraffe and monkey images that seemed like painted to it.

When we arrived home, Jasmine was under the impression that the bed was nothing but a toy. She started biting and pulling the edge of the bed right after i introduced it to her. I said a big "NO" and she listened and stopped. I put her on the bed and told her to stay. She lied down as if she understood what i said. I guess she really did because she now sleeps on it without any command whatsoever.

I think that dog beds are really good for them just like human beds to us. It is soft with a spring-like thingie that bounces back if you push. Very comfortable for them. She's a female dog so this can be a good future bed for her future puppies as well. Buy one for your dog for it's a good way to stop them to sleep beside you. But if you like to be always beside them, then don't.    :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Confused Jasmine

This was taken a month and a half ago. Jasmine was totally confused of what was happening because we were calling her name all at the same time. Adding to her confusion was the camera flashes everywhere. She was like a caveman brought in a disco for the first time. Her head movement if counted would probably reached a hundred. After couple of shots she played with her teddy bear, then rested.

The second photo above is one of my many personal faves. She was like a one-eyed dog because of the fur strands that covered her left eye. Normally, if i look closer onto her eyes, i can see nothing but black. But in this photo it looked she had blue contact lenses. Look, she was barking and if you watch her video on the sidebar she also barked there. Video? Hmmm, that explains why she barks hehe.

While writing this, i am at work. Just seeing her photos makes me go home early. I miss the wagging of the tail and the soft biting every time i come back home. Jasmine, here i come!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out of Town!

It was in Nakorn Sawan where Jasmine had her first out of town trip. We were excited and so was she.  I bathed her with the newly bought shampoo, sprayed a bit of perfume and off we went to the bus station. There was a boy about 2 years old who looked so worried because of her super friendly nature. Horror struck him when Jasmine started jumping all over the place and began to acquaint herself with everyone including him. I'm sure he cried  hehe.

On the bus she can't help but shift position once in a while. I was also worried about the nature calling thingie because I didn't bring a dog diaper. When we got there i gave her a bottle of water and she started licking the outside. That told me she was thirsty. After drinking we went to the temple on the hill where the cool breeze played with her fur. It was nice seeing Jasmine's fur sway in different directions.

I think she enjoyed the trip but she was also too exhausted with all her running and everything. On the way back, she slept and shifted her position less than five times i think in a two hour ride. What now? That means she was dead tired. She didn't even bother to make fun of the people inside. But then again, she enjoyed it and she might probably looking forward for the next trip.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shi-Tzu Grooming

From the time I got Jasmine i can't help but search images of this breed online.  Dog wise, they are the most elegant and fashionable looking breeds in the dog world. Their fur can stretch from their bellies down to the floor. Unfortunately, i have not seen a single soul of this said breed here in Thailand having long fur. Most of them have been groomed with almost no fur at all. There was one whom i thought was sick and i never recognized the breed hehe.

Kidding aside Jasmine's nails were trimmed so as the fur that covers her eyes and nose. I guess at some point she was happy with the grooming thingy because her eyes are visible. Her most probable problem i think was the treatment at the shop. For us she is being pampered like a baby - for them she is just a ordinary dog that needs to be groomed. 

Seeing her transformed from a normal dog without eyes to a fashionable dog with tantalizing eyes lol, we decided that Jasmine will be visiting the shop once a week to have her groom and to avoid her fur to mat. I am sure you all will agree upon seeing her photos now! Such a cutie puppy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jasmine in Blue

Recently, we went to see her vet for her monthly regular check up and had her anti-rabies vaccine as well. She was uneasy with other dogs who were screaming in pain while being treated at the vet's shop. One was hit by a car and the other was wounded in yet another dog fight on the street.

Jasmine gained weight from 1.5 kilo last month to 2.8 kilos this month. The cashier was surprised seeing her grew fast and even more playful. She then recommended a dog shirt to make her look more beautiful. I thought she liked us to buy whatever they have there but when she tried it to Jasmine, she looked indeed cute with the shirt on. I decided to have it purchased and let the shirt on until we got home.

These are the photos of Jasmine with the blue shirt on. She looks just like a baby - so adorable and cute! Some of my friends liked and commented on her photos on facebook. Hmm, I've got more photos of her to be posted soon. I'm sure she will receive more likes and comments.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Walk at the Park

Jasmine enjoys having a walk at the park and the not so occasional stares and gentle rubs from strangers. It's as if all the people and the scary looking dogs there were her friends. I've read that these are her breeds characters - friendly, playful but sometimes stubborn in their own right.

When i unleashed her she was like a prisoner who was given a pardon. She happily run like crazy whilst occasionally bumping to other people's feet. Some were surprised but mostly were happy. Just like us, they fell in love with her easily. When we got home she was dead tired and drunk huge amount of water, probably a glass and a half full. After having dinner she looked for a spot where she can take a rest. Poor little puppy hehe.
Me and Jasmine
Giving a walk to dogs of all breeds help them burn fats, be active and get to see other things around them. It's one form of exercise for the pet and the pet's owner as well. Ciao!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Jasmine

Her name is Jasmine, a cute shi-tzu puppy that we came to love. I brought her home two months ago and everyone started being crazy about her. She is so sweet and like to be cuddled much. She enjoys being with people and can be on anybody's lap for hours.

I remember our first trip together. I put her inside the bag and she liked it. After about 5 minutes though she started making crying sounds that was heard by other motorists. I was riding my bike then and all eyes were on me. I felt i was guilty of kidnapping. It was embarrassing. I just smiled.

When we arrived home i noticed that her head was protruding. She definitely wants to be out and see her new abode. When everyone in the house met her, they fell in love with her easily. I put her out and her tail started wagging. She then licked my fingers and the bond between us was strengthen. They say that love cannot happen overnight - that it needs time to mature and grow. I beg to disagree, though. Before, i didn't believe in love at first sight junkie. But things change. People change. Now, i support it 100%.
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