Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodbye Doi

After months of hiatus finally this blog has a new post. Unfortunately, this post is about "Doi" one of Jasmine's precious who suffered from intestinal infection according to the vet. Bernelle, his sister, was also weak and didn't eat anything for three days. On the fourth day though, she started gaining her energy and is now back in her normal routine of biting things around. Doi's predicament from being weak to his death was so fast we didn't see its coming. We thought just like his sister, he will recover from what seemed to be a normal dog's behaviour. 

On April 8th however as I was out working, I received a call from Joyie telling me he is nowhere to be found. When i arrived, I immediately searched and found him isolating himself from the rest under the shades of pots in the garden. I was told he threw up blood twice. This is getting serious, i told myself. I grabbed him and put him in the cage and drove to the nearest vet to have him checked. When i was asked to put Doi on the weighing scale his body was so weak he fell and hit the ground immediately. The vet checked his temperature and used a certain thing to check if he was being attacked by intestinal parasites. Seconds later, result shows positive with two lines on the checker. Meanwhile, the vet told us that Doi was in serious condition and he might not be able to make it. If he can survive his predicament overnight, they might be able to save him. He was then given a dextrose and another IV which I have no idea about.

When we arrived home, we put him as far away from the others as possible. My eyes were always on him. He later stood up and started barking. When I came near him his tail started wagging. Everything will be alright then, or so I thought. 

Since I am always a visitor of the toilet even in the middle of the night, it became apparent that I will be able to check Doi from time to time. The first visit was when I heard him crying. I woke up and gave him reassuring words. The second one was when I peed and greeted him. He was standing and I thought there will be no problem at all. The third time was when he started crying again. I thought he was hungry but the vet said no food at all. I ignored his cry and went back to sleep. The next morning, I woke up with a smile on my face and went straight to greet Doi. To my horror, he was no longer moving even pulling his tail mildly which I normally do to him. His breathing stopped too. I went to our room and woke up Joyie. She cried upon seeing Doi in his most distressing position.

We buried Doi in the garden where he and the rest of our dogs play. Tears were falling while digging his grave. It was so distressing I could not smile a bit. Later that night we decided to sing karaoke to forget him. But just as about to sing our last song, Joyie cried again while mumbling "I miss Doi". It was sad but we have to move on. After all we still have three other dogs waiting to be cuddled and play with.

We will miss you Doi!

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