Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking on all Fours

A short video clip of Third trying up on all fours to get to his mom

They can now see although their eyes are still a bit cloudy. That's right, Jasmine's pups are now walking. Today is their 26th day. But that's not the real problem, really. When they were not yet walking, it was easier for me to put them in place with less dirt here and there. But now, I have to clean in the morning so as in the evening because the floor smells terribly.

Their feelings other than crying are also developing. They know how to growl everytime I carry them off somewhere, or even just a mere touching on the head. I find it funny because it sounds so cute. They always bite me disregarding they don't have teeth yet. Seriously, they are kinda pain in the ass sometimes but their being pain in the ass is so hilarious, and of course, cute.

One month more and the four of them will be out in the house. My friends are so excited having them on board, especially those who have kids. They will be missed and surely, Jasmine's gonna look for them. But I can't have them all under one roof as much as I would like.

Check the links below. All of them are about Jasmine and her five pups - starting when she gave birth until the day they first opened their eyes.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jasmine Gave Birth

Howling like a wolf
It was the 5th of January when Jasmine gave birth to five lovely and cute shi-tzu puppies. I dropped off Joy to the bus station and when i came back, there i saw Jasmine licking something while panting and crying at the same time. Prior to that she was laboring and was in great pain for an hour or so. 
Jasmine nursing her pups
Read the rest of the detailed story i wrote about Jasmine and her five lovely pups by clicking this link: Click Jasmine

Monday, January 9, 2012

X-ray said Five

Note: This entry should have been posted 2 weeks back. Unfortunately, i misplaced the x-ray copy of Jasmine given by the clinic. She indeed gave birth to five love puppies and she is now nursing them. Three male and 2 female pups.

We took Jasmine to the vet 2 weeks ago to have her x-ray so as to count the possible puppies she will deliver. We were then asked by her vet what month Jasmine started mating with other dogs. We can't be certain when but two dogs from our neighborhood were always outside our house waiting for her to come out during the mating season. One is a poodle (true) and the other is a crossbreed of shi-tzu and chihuahua (that is according to the old lady who owns both dogs). 

Jasmine was really not into the smell of other dogs in the clinic and she started to pull me outside. Other dogs barked when she made a funny sound which i thought was a sound created by a scared dog. But when the vet gave her comforting words and touches, she stopped making any unusual movements and sounds.

She was then taken to the x-ray room and her doctor called us after five minutes or so. The screen at the center of the huge black table showed Jasmine's bone structure with shapes of her puppies. Five of them! So search and count them. See if you can be a future vet or simply knows how to spot them.
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