Monday, December 19, 2011

Jasmine and Jasper

A cold and freezing morning it was when me and my friends decided to shoot the streets of Phitsanulok. While adjusting my camera's setting, two little, cute poodle puppies who were sleeping inside a bird cage caught my eye. They were just too adorable and so cute. I admit it was love at first sight.

Since Jasmine's a female dog, i thought of having the male toy poodle puppy around. Not that i want them to mate since shi-poo (cross breed of shi-tzu and poodle) is not really a likeable breed for me. It's just that i want her to have company while we are out. When i lift him up and i uttered sounds we usually do in front of a human baby,  his little tail wagged violently. I called Joyie and asked her if she would allow to have another puppy at home. She was kind of hesitant the first time while talking on the phone. But when i picked her up so she could see the dog, she smiled and said "yes". 

So here is my precious Jasmine and the cute little toy poodle we named Jasper. She ignored him during his first two days. But now? Hmmm, they're inseprable. 
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